Wednesday, September 8th

Today was a welcome light day. We travelled to Pennsylvania to hunt down the famed Raymondskill Falls. We finally found it around 5 that night, so we were running out of daylight, and we decided to camp out and check out the Falls in the morning.

We found a campsite near the Falls, and we pulled in right at dusk. And while the crew ran off to get firewood, Tod and I attempted to put up our tent in the dark. Only to realize that our car was so full that we couldn't get to our flashlights. So we had to pull out a majority of our stuff to get to the flashlights.

Once we got the flashlights set up, we started going through all the gear we got for the trip, finding so much great stuff for our campouts. The tent went up pretty easily, once we had lights. And then we got a nice campfire going and enjoyed our night under the stars.

And we could not have made any of this possible with out the help of Sherri Quaid, Ed Velasco, and Rebecca Trent, for getting such wonderful camping gear and necessities. Thank you so very much for helping us out with this.