Wednesday, September 22nd

We woke up this morning to our Great Aunt Lina making us a breakfast scramble to keep us full and happy on the road. We said our goodbyes and set off from Glacier National Park. We were informed that the pass to GNP was closed so we weren’t going to be able to see it this time. (We have to have something for the sequel, right?)

We stopped in Hungry Horse, MT, to gas up for the day, and as we made it 15 miles or so down the road, Tod noticed that the crew’s cartop carrier was flapping in the wind. We pulled over to see what was the deal. It turned out that they had not fully zipped and secured the carrier and they lost two of their sleeping bags along the road.

After inspecting and securing the carrier, we set back off to head towards Omak, WA, where we were to attend a Wine Down Wednesday at the Rockwall Cellars Winery, only to find out that Montana likes to do it’s major road work around lunchtime on Wednesdays. We were stopped at a temporary stoplight for 15 or 20 minutes while a pilot car lead the oncoming traffic down a path between all of the road construction vehicles before taking our line of cars back through it. It was pretty neat to be riding next to all of these huge Tonka trucks from our childhood.

But that’s not all, after we got down the road from that, we ran into a road line painting vehicle. We saw signs that said road painting next 16 miles, and the vehicle had a sign on it that said no passing while they are painting the road. And there was no other road to detour on so we would have been stuck behind them for the entire way, if not for the crew. They switched places with us to film the painting, and then they just passed the painting vehicles. At which point the guy on the back of the vehicle just waved us all around.

After that we had a couple of road works issues, but nne as bad as those, ad we were making good time. We stopped off in Alta ID, to fill up and grab some food. And then the crew took off ahead of us to get to Omak and set up the cameras for when we arrived.

We got to Rockwall Cellars around 7:15, and were greeted by the crew and Diana and Doug, who owned and ran the winery. They had made us a great home cooked meal and had put together a small little get together of friends and music for us. It was great to have something like this to arrive at.

After the event, Doug took us back into the Barrel Room and allowed us to taste some wine straight from the barrels. I’m not a wine guy, especially with reds, because they just smell like the stuff I used to use to color my Easter eggs with when I was a kid, but I really liked the Malbec. Aggressive fruit flavors mixed with the American oak from the barrel. This was a great experience for me because I knew nothing about wine, and felt like I was given a great tutorial into wine and winemaking.

Diana then took us to her home and we crashed hard from a long day of driving.