Wednesday, September 15th

We met up with Beth and her parents, Dave ad Patty, at their condo in Northfield. We sat and talked to both Beth and her father for several hours about the trip, CHM, and how a mother has to deal with children afflicted by it. It was a wonderful moment to spend time with such wonderfully giving people. They welcomed us into their homes and told us about their lives and how they have dealt with CHM.

Dave has only 1 or 2 percent left of his vision, and can really only see shadows and light, outlines of people. It was great to meet a man who has already gone through what might face us and see that he had retained a lot of his sense of humor. Their family was a religious family as well, so it was nice to see that, again, even in the face of adversity, they still retained their faith in God.

After we said our goodbyes, Tod and I, and the crew, grabbed some lunch at J. Grundy’s Reub N’ Steins. Really good food! We had to have a quick production meeting because of the inclement weather heading our way. We decided it would be best if we stayed in town one more night, and then headed for Mitchell, SD, and Corn Palace in the morning.