Tuesday, September 21

With only a 4.5 hour drive ahead of us today to get to Glacier National Park, we were pretty laid back about the drive today.

We gassed and sodaed up and hit the road. Along the way, we found this cool little town called Anaconda, Montana. Where we stopped to chat up the locals and get some footage on an old train that is a landmark for them. It was a really neat little stop.

We got back on the road for a couple of hours, and ended up randomly making a gas a bathroom break at a place called Rock Creek Lodge in Clinton, MT. We found out that this pace is pretty famous because of the annual Testy Festival. Yep, Rocky Mountain Oysters, Bull Balls. And we had some. When in Rome, right?

While we were enjoying our Fried Ferdinand Makers, we talked to a couple of locals, Ed and Chantal. They were great people who were really interested in our story and talked to us about life and everything for a couple of hours. It turned out that Ed lived right behind the Lodge in a camper and trapped rabbits around the area, and Chantal was a House Mother at a Strip Club in nearby Missoula. Her job was to, “make sure the dancers weren’t outside smoking when they were supposed to be onstage, weren’t sleeping with the patrons, and weren’t doing Meth.” Her words.

Chantal told us about a creek and swinging bridge about 12 miles south of the Lodge, so we decided to go and check it out. Chantal told us not to get scared when the road turned to dirt. She was a hoot. We came upn a bridge that looked like it came right out of Indiana and the Temple of Doom. It was pretty awesome. On a whim, after we had finished filming, I walked down to the creek and stripped down and jumped in. It wasn’t planned or anything, I just felt the urge. It was a great feeling, the creek rushing passed your body as you struggled to stay in the same spot. but afterward, I felt cold for like an hour.

Tod and I had a real moment as we talked about how this trip is a different journey for both of us, internally for one, and externally for the other. It was a good moment between the two of us.

We got back on the road, and back into cell phone reception, and headed up to Glacier. It was a 4 hour drive to get there, but it was great to see our grandfather and his lady, and our great aunt. We talked about the trip so far over a hot bowl of stew that they had made for us.

Feeling beat from the day we headed to bed soon after to prep for a bit of a long drive day.