Thursday, September 9th

Our first night under the stars was great, even though we only got four hours of sleep. The camping we got donated was amazing. I slept like a baby.

We woke to find the crew's tent empty, and some strange men just sleeping out on the ground one lot over. Apparently, Brian and Ryan had recorded a time lapse of the sky that night and couldn't leave the camera, so they just slept out with it.

After a small breakfast, we headed back to Raymondskill Falls to hike the trail and see this hidden gem. As we wandered the trail we began to hear the ruming of the water, and I started to get giddy like a kid. We round this section of the trail and BOOM, there it was. Three different scions of the Falls, which is only four feet shorter than Niagara Falls. We looked around and the stripped down and jumped into the water. It was freezing cold, but it felt great.

We got out, dried off, and walked around the upper falls, when we were spotted by two Park Rangers, Chris and Jeff. At first we thought we were in trouble, but they ended up being great guys and told them about the film an they were so warm and welcoming.

We said our goodbyes and headed off to Hamden/New Haven, Connecticut, to visit with Tod's friend from high school, Dawn.

After we got done at Dawn's, we headed off to hunt down some lodging for the night. We ended up staying a at a pretty seedy hotel. We even were given the handicapped room, and we didn't even tell them we were limited sight. We called it Murder Motel..