Thursday, September 30

Before we left Vegas, we had to make a run over to this place called Mad Man’s Military Surplus to pick up some supplies for the crew. Tod bought a military style head wrap, like the other crewmembers use when they want to view playback and need some shade to see it. But Tod mostly bought it for his delicate ginger features.

We headed off towards the Grand Canyon via the Hoover Dam. I think it is funny that the main road between Vegas and the Grand Canyon, has this traffic jam as part of it. As we got closer to Hoover Dam, the traffic gets REALLY slow. We spent probably an hour just getting the 15 miles to the dam! But seeing it was really cool; the windy roads leading up to it and the views from on the dam.

We reached the Grand Canyon about an hour before sunset. I have to tell you, I thought I knew where I wanted to be for my last seeing day, but now I am confused. Sitting at the edge of the Grand Canyon, looking out at this magnificent view, and just being alone with the sights and my own thoughts, I felt just like I felt when I was sitting out at Ka Ena Point in the North Shore of Oahu. When you look out from the edge, all you can see is the sky and the land in front of you. It’s like you are sitting on the edge of the world.

As the last rays of light disappeared from the horizon, we got back on the road to get to where we would be staying for the night. We had all talked about it and decided that we would try to get as far east as Winslow, AZ, before we called it a night.

As we were driving east on the 64 heading out of Grand Canyon, winding through the roads that took us back to civilization, thinking how we’ve done so well at driving safely in situations that could potentially be bad, we had our first run in with danger. An elk was standing in the road as we rounded a curve. I had just looked down at the GPS, and I felt the car coming to a complete stop, suddenly. Contents shifted in the car and I looked up to se what had happened. And standing dead in the middle of our lane, just staring at us, was this animal. We stopped a god twenty feet or more from it, and it gave us a once over and continued it’s stroll across the road and back into the woods.

After a moment to freak out and then calm down again, we continued on down the road and made it safely to Winslow.

PS – After we got to our hotel, we were all feeling hungry for real food, so I walked across the street to see if I could get some food for the gang. The only thing I found open was a Taco Bell, and the only open part of it was the Drive Thru. I walked up and hoped for the best. They turned me away. I was so sad that I could eat really junkie tacos at 11pm at night.