Thursday, September 23rd

We decided to the give the crew a day off from us so they could recoup a bit. So we split up after we left Rockwall Cellars. Diana had put some fruits in our room for us to have for breakfast, including some pluots: some freakish hybrid of plums and apricots, born in a mad scientists laboratory (pronounced la-BORE-a-tore-ee). She told us about the fruit stand where she had got them, and said we had to stop by and pick up some fruits for the road.

We found Delap Orchards Fruit Stand just a few miles outside of Omak as we were heading down the highways. We stocked up on a bunch of good fruit for the road, Honey Crisp Apples, Italian prunes, Elephant Eyes, Pluots, and more that I have no idea what they are, other than delicious.

While we were on the road, Tod and I played the Movie Game, which is a great way to pass the time and test your movie trivia knowledge. Simply put, Tod would name a movie, and then I would have to name an actor that was in it, and then Tod would have to name another movie that also had that particular actor in it, then I would name another actor who was in the new movie, etc., etc. It is a great distraction, so much so that we almost ran out of gas. Luckily we found a gas station before we sCREWed.

As we neared the Oregon border, it began to get a bit overcast and the rain started, but nothing too bad, just a light rainstorm. A little carwash action for free. And it was pretty needed too, this car is getting pretty bug spattered.

After we crossed the Columbia River and officially entered Oregon, we decided to pull off the highway on the road to Mount St Helens and bed for the night, and do some laundry. We found this motel near the Bridge of the Gods in Cascade Locks, OR. It was a cool little RV ad Motel place, with movies you could rent from the main office, which made me think that could be something I could do one day, open a little motel or something and rent out the massive movie collection I have. Because brick ad mortar movie stores are basically dead. We grabbed this quality film, called The Black Hole, starring Kristy Swanson and Judd Nelson, about a Large Halidron Collider incident gone wrong. Wonderfully horrible, Tod and I laughed throughout the entire thing, perfect movie for MST3King.

We also grabbed diner at the Pacific Crest Pub in town, they had great smoked salmon and a pizza they called Pizza of the Gods. Really good pizzas, If you get a chance, check it out.

After a good meal, a good laugh, and a couple calls home to catch up with loved ones, we hit the bed.