Thursday, September 16th

We got on the road towards Mitchell, SD and Corn Palace.

We had to make a couple of stops to get some equipment for the crew. Their car top carrier had somehow gotten ripped and everything in it had gotten soaked. They spent a fair amount of last night drying their stuff in the tiny laundry facility at the hotel we stayed in. But we found a store where they could exchange the carrier and we set off along the road again.

We were making good time and needed to make a gas and bathroom break, so we pulled off of highway 90 and got a bit lost trying to find the elusive gas station promised us by the road sign. We ended up stumbling into the little town called Canistota, SD, population 600+. The crew found a local diner and got us permission to shot in there, so we were able to sit down with two of the town’s unofficial historians, Wendell and Orville. They were great old timers who filled us in on the history of Canistota, which was named Cameron before, but because of the railroads, they upped and moved the town 1.5 miles.

Tod also hopped into the local newspaper and told them our story, so keep an eye out for something in the Canistota paper about us!

We ended up getting to Mitchell and Corn Palace at 6 pm, to find Corn Palace closes at 5pm. Ryan near of a campground nearby so we decided to bed down for the night and try to catch it first thing in the morning.

After we set up camp, in the dark, and had some dinner, beans and franks and chicken soup, we were told of a surprise for us. The crew had picked up some fireworks earlier in the travels and had us go into a field and set them off.

Both Tod and I were skeptical, but felt it couldn’t be too bad. We headed out into the field, which had already been set up by the crew for fire safety. It was really cool to see the fireworks from up close. What we didn’t realize was that it was after midnight on a Thursday. Needless to say, there were angry, mostly naked truckers and town police involved, but once we explained the situation and apologized profusely, all was well with the world, and we headed off to bed for another day on the road.

We also had our first mishap on the road, Tod ran over a rat while we were driving on the highway.