Sunday, September 19th

Tod and I woke up to messages from the crew. Not only had they run out of gas, but also they had gotten their van trapped in gravel, and had to get a tow truck to come and get them out and to the nearest gas station. When all that was over and done with, it was late and they decided to sleep in the van and meet up with us in the morning.

In the morning light, Dayton was a really small but cool town. They had a bar there called Crazy Woman Saloon. And I was all like, “what other kind of woman is there?” OH! Dayton was this patchwork of quirky storefronts and businesses. I definitely recommend seeing it.

As we headed west towards Yellowstone, we were told to take the 14 through Big Horn National Forest. It was a windy road through the mountains, but the views were spectacular. There were scenic stops along the road with placards that talked about what you were seeing, like the Beef Trail; a thin trail in the mountains where cattlemen lead their stock from one side of the mountain to the other in order to trade. Sadly, despite my best efforts, we didn’t see any Big Horns.

We passed through Cody, WY and gassed up; Tod and I have become like parents now with the crew, “Do you need gas? We can stop if you need to.” Cody is a pretty cool town, like a big city, country-style. I would love to get a duster and some cowboy boots and tromp around in Cody for a week or so.

We got to Yellowstone, and Tod had to jump into the crew van, because both he and I have the Disability Access Pass that gets us in National Parks for free, but we can’t just say, “They’re with us.” So, we pulled through and I was looking for a place to pull over. We had no cell reception and the walkies were dead, so I was waiting for them to signal me to pull over. They finally flashed me, and I pulled over to right where a grizzly bear was lazing about in a meadow. We hopped out and the crew started filming it while Tod and I just sat and watched it.

We decided to do Teton National Park first and then come back tomorrow and do Yellowstone, so we hopped back on the road and head down that way. While we were headed down there we came upon a bunch of cars stopped in the road. As we were passing them, we saw why. There was a Bison just walking along the road. It was so cool to see a Bison like 5 feet away me, just walking along, doing his thing. We hopped out again and got some footage. Adam, our sound guy, got a little too close, and the Bison started to charge, right in font of the SUV. We thought he was going to ram the car, but he went back to his walk after Adam moved away.

We got into Grand Teton and found this great lake with an amazing view of the mountains, Jackson Lake. We decided to go swimming in the lake, in sight of these majestic peaks. We may or may not have been naked when we did it.

After drying off and warming up, the water was very cold, and tending to our bruised feet and toes, not a sand beach, we headed to our place to stay for the night, Victor, Idaho. Friends of the crew had offered to put us up for the night at the cabin. Vanessa and K.C. are production people from LA that have known and worked with our crew before, and they took us out to eat at this great restaurant called the Knotty Pine in Victor. Good food, if you’re ever in Victor, check it out.

Tired and a little sun baked, we headed back to their cabin and crashed out pretty hard.