Sunday, September 12th

We woke up to the smells of coffee and pastries from Tim Hortons brought in by Ray, Ryan's dad.

Brian's mom stopped by with a car full of supplies for us all. Everything under the sun. So fully stocked up on victuals, we hopped back on the road to Dryden, Michigan.

We had a long drive to get to Dryden. There was talk of cutting through Canada, which would have reduced the drive by three or more hours, but we decided against because getting through customs with an SUV packed to the gills with camping gear and so forth.

We got to Dryden, to the family we would be staying with, the Maurus's, who have three sons who suffer from CHM. Deena is the matriarch of the family and was the person who I had been talking to about staying with for the last few months. We got to know more about Deena as a we were getting close, and we called her on the phone to check in. She made some jokes about us running late and she had to send the marching band home. So we knew we were going to have some fun with them.

We arrived to a very warm welcome. The Maurus's had some friends over to welcome us with a barbecue; burgers and brats, home made salsa, cold drinks, and peach pie made fresh the next town over, Romeo.

We met the family, Chris and Deena, and the kids, Zach, and twins, Ian and Evan. All three sons have found a calling for music in heavy metal. They told us that they got their calling for heavy metal and guitar from playing Guitar Hero.

After dinner, we headed down to the basement, which has been set up as a recording studio. Chris is a musician as well, and so Chris and the boys grabbed their instruments and jammed for us. These kids have only been practicing their instruments for 2 years but they are already really good musicians. It was loud and amazing.

The Maurus's were amazing hosts and there house was a welcome stop along this trip.