Sunday, October 3

We got up around 9am, and grabbed some breakfast burritos from the grocery store. We weren’t in a real hurry, and I wanted to wait until the day got a little hotter before I jumped into a cold pond or whatever it was we were going to find here.

At around 11, we headed over to where the water was on the map of the park. Tod and I went in to check it out. Balmorhea is a pretty popular spot. There were some high school kids playing football in the grass and there was a gaggle of scuba divers in the pool.

They call it a pool, and it is a very interesting set up. Walking up to it, it does appear to be a pool, the sides and walkway look like a pool, with markings of depth if water, and diving boards around the perimeter, But as you get closer, you see that there are fish in the water, and the bottom is covered with algae and everything you find in a pond in the wild.

I walked around the pool, to see where this high dive was, but all I saw was these smaller diving boards. As it turns out, they had taken down the high dive. It use to be right in the center of the pool, you would have t swim out to it and then climb up it to dive off. My guess is that someone got hurt jumping off of it and they decided it was to risky to keep it up.

I was sad that I wasn’t going to be able to jump off into this crazy hybrid po-ol, half pond, half pool, still spelled the same. But life is like that sometimes, and you have to make the best of what you have.

We got back on the road, and headed towards Fredericksburg, and the next surprise I had in store for the guys; Enchanted Rock State Park. But more adventure was in store for us before we even got there.

We had made a stop to gas up and get sodas, and had just got back on the I-10. And Tod had grabbed the audio book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies out of the care package that I had gotten from one of the improv troupes I coach, Just Moxie. They had sent us lots of stuff, including fin-sized chocolate candies. Needless to say, they al melt within the first day, but we threw them in our cooler, and the reformed quite nicely. Many other things were in the box as well, but for this story, I will stick with the audio book.

We had just started listening to it as we were doing 80 down the I-10 (which is the speed limit there, Mom and Dad), when I happened to look in the side view mirror, and saw the crew van whip off to the side of the road. I pulled over quickly as well, probably a quarter mile or so down from them and called them to see what had happened. These guys just don’t seem to have any luck, their car-top carrier and broken again, their stuff had spilled out onto the freeway. Tod go t out and went back to help, and I whipped around and went back to the previous exit and scouted for any items that might have fallen out.

I didn’t see anything and met back up with the guys to find there was one victim, Ryan’s pillow. It had been run over by a Mack truck. It didn’t blow up or anything, but it had some sweet new tread marks on it. We got everything repacked and secured, and got back on the road, and then we had chapter two of our adventure between adventures.

Like I said, we were listening to P&P&Z, and I looked down at the gas gauge, and saw we were at an eighth of a tank left. We had just filled up three hours ago, so I as a little surprised to find that we had gone through almost an entire tank that fast. We had just gotten off the I-10 to head towards Fredericksburg, and so I used the GOPS to hunt down a gas station nearby. They were all behind us! The closest one was 22 miles ahead, so I programmed it in and hoped for the best. Getting to this gas station would involve us crossing back across the I-10, making us travel backwards in our journey, so I had Tod do a search on his phone for any others that might not come up on the GPS.

Td said he found a gas station up ahead a few miles, but it was like a mom and pop place. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t exist, but we went ahead, besides we were traveling the same direction as the gas station I had programmed in the GPS. We took a little side trip hunting for the station Tod had found, and after about ten minutes, I decided to get back to the main road, because at this point we were just wasting gas, and we had none to waste.

We got back on the main road heading to the one I had found. At every turn of the GPS, I was expecting to see that little checkered flag telling me the end was in sight. But at every turn, there would be another stretch of miles and another turn. I was really beginning to get worried, but I knew that if we were to run out, we were at least close to a gas station. I finally saw that little flag on the GPS, and at the same time the gas pump light came on in the dashboard. I knew full well that the light meat that we needed to get gas as soon as we could, but I still had to ask out loud whether or not Tod thought we would make it the 2 miles to the gas station. He affirmed my thoughts that we would make it and we pulled into the gas station and thanked God for getting us there.

The funny thing was there were 5 gas stations right there. Why couldn’t they have put one back on the road we were originally on and save us this heartache?!

Fully gassed up, we got back on the road to Fredericksburg, and got there to find Oktoberfest in full swing there! Fredericksburg has a 35% German population, I was really excited about getting some good German food and beer, but we had to get to Enchanted Rock, which was still about 20 miles outside of town. Hoping to come back into town, we headed off.

It was a lonely stretch of winding road that brought us to Enchanted Rock. As we came around a curve, we saw the rock formation. I was a bit awestruck. It’s not huge r anything, but just coming out of this wooded area to see this unwooded protrusion does something to your soul, as if it was calling us here the whole time. We got in and set up camp, and prepped for something a bit unnerving: a night hike, or more appropriately, night rock climbing.

At first, it’s definitely a bit scary, rock climbing in the dark, but after a few minutes, you begin to realize that it is not just pitch black outside of the scope of your headlamp. The crew was there, with us, filming our crazy adventure. But it was like they weren’t there. We don’t react to them when they are filming us, they don’t exist to us until they put down the cameras.

I think I always start off each adventure in my life a bit skittish, but then, as the spirit of adventure takes me, I become emboldened. This was no exception. I had my nightstick with me, I really need to give it a name one of these days, but I soon realized, nightsticks, flashlights, and rock climbing don’t mix well, so away it went. It turned out I didn’t need it anyway.

I started to clamber ahead of Tod, who started as the leader of the trip. I would scamper up a section of rock that I had just scoped out, and then stop, and use my headlamp and flashlight to shine light on the rock formations around me, looking for an interesting set up to explore and then head to it. The crew kept asking me to slow down, so they could catch up, and at times asked me to shine my lights on them so they could see where they needed to go to catch me up. Oh silly normies, who don’t bring flashlights. ☺

As it turns out, the blind were more nimble then the sighted this night. Of course, we did have the luxury of flashlights, and they were carrying camera equipment, but still neither Tod nor I had any mishaps, while there a couple of falls, one into cacti, that occurred for the crew. Luckily no one was really hurt.

We spent a couple hours exploring the rocks. There was a cave somewhere in the rocks, but I couldn’t find it. It was a great workout and exhilarating to me to do. Hearts racing and legs aching, we decided not to head back into town, and grabbed some quick dinner and went to bed.