Sunday, October 10

Tod and I woke up this morning and found a car wash to give the SUV a well deserved bath. I mean the full treatment: pre-rinse, soap scrub, light waxing, the works. Afterward, we went back to the hotel and repacked and reorganized the car. Tod had gotten a text from Brian saying that the crew was on their way up from Bradenton. We figured that it wouldn’t be until three or four in the afternoon when they got here, so we decided to grab some lunch and check out the mighty Atlantic Ocean.

We made our way to Neptune Beach, a section of Jacksonville right near the water, and found a great place to grab some grub before we went to the ocean; the Sun Dog Diner. This place was great; laid back atmosphere, good food, happy wait staff. We heard that they had a great burger, so I took the opinion of the locals and got the Sun Dog Burger. Tod opted for surf over turf and got the Mahi Sandwich. Both were really tasty. And then I saw the most adorable thing; an elderly couple was sitting a few tables away from us and they were feeding each other food from their plates. It was great to see love still going strong after so many years. But of course, they might have been on their first date, you never know!

We finished our lunch and walked the one block right to the Atlantic. The beach was not empty, but not full. As soon as we hit the sand, off came our shoes and socks, and we walked out and let the waves rush over our feet. There is something special about the feeling of sinking into the wet sand of the beach and water rushing back and forth across your body, enticing you to come and play. We sat on the beach and just stared out and talked for a bit, until we got a text from Brian. They had decided to head past Jacksonville and head up towards Savannah, GA, and they wanted us to meet up with them. We dusted ourselves off and hopped back in the car and started off to Savannah.

We made it up to Savannah just as the sun was beginning to set, and met up with the crew. We shot some scenes in one of the many cemeteries around the city and then headed off to find a more populated place to shoot, and maybe find some dinner. We found a cool pizza place called Vinnie Van Go-Go’s and took a load off while we filled our bellies. We talked a lot about the impending end of our trip and what we had accomplished and after we had finished eating, the crew decided that they were going to get some night time shots of the city and we would head on a bit out of town and find a place to stay for the night.