Saturday, September 18th

We woke up extra early this morning, 6:30 am, so we could get a morning breakfast shoot at the restaurant in the KOA. Just a simple set up of us chatting about what we had already done and what we had really enjoyed so far.

Then we headed over to Mount Rushmore, but as we noticed, the fog and mist from last night had not lifted. It was a rainy and fogy day this morning, but we trucked on. We made it to Rushmore and set up some shots at the monument, even though we couldn't see it. We shot the scenes and when we wrapped the fog lifted briefly and Tod and I could see most of Washington and part of Jefferson, and then the fog rolled right back in. As we were setting up the shots, we chatted up a gaggle of Aussie's who were traveling the US just like us. They were making a lot of the same stops as us. We gave them some of our cards and maybe we'll run into them on the road.

We made a stop at Spearfish SD to hit up the Super WalMart, not because we support WalMart, but because it is cheap. We needed some some fresh fruit and food.

We then went off towards one of Tod's and my dream spots, Devil's Tower. We made good time only to find out that we couldn't shoot in the actual monument. So we walked around and looked at this beautiful piece of nature. We even saw someone climbing the Tower. And one of the coolest things was Prairie Dog Town, a patch of the monument area that is just packed full of Prairie Dogs. When we first got to the monument, a Park Ranger came to us and told us that anything we shoot from off the land is totally cool, but no footage from on it could be used, and then he told us of a private residence right n the edge of the monument that we could go to and shoot the monument, without any issues.

After we got done with the shot, Tod and I hit the road to make up some miles before it got dark and left the crew behind to capture the sunset at Devil's Tower. We finally stooped in a little town called Dayton WY for the night at this little mom and pop motel called Foothills Mote and Campground. It is like a little starter cabin for newlyweds. Totes adorbs.

AND we just got a call from the crew. They ran out of gas as they were heading to meet us and are stuck on the side of Highway 90 about 100 miles from where we are. AAA is on the way.

WAHOO! Fun times. :)