Saturday, October 9

Tod and I woke up, feeling that initial tug to check on the guys and see if they were ready to hit the road, only to remember that we were on our own for the next day and a half. Realizing we had only a short drive (4-5 hours) ahead of us today, and no crew and second vehicle to worry about, we slept in a bit and decided to get breakfast before we hit the road. And when road tripping through the south, where do you go for a quality breakfast? That’s right; WAFFLE HOUSE!

It’s funny, both Tod and I have lived in the south many times in our lives, and we have been to Waffle House multiple times, but we never actually got waffles at Waffle House. We both decided to take the plunge and find out why they didn’t call this place Scattered Covered Smothered Topped Chilied Peppered House. Of course we got the obligatory order of hash browns, all the way, to go with them. The waffles were actually pretty good; savory and sweet, malty and fluffy. I could definitely put a few of those away on a hungry day.

After a leisurely breakfast, we got on the road towards Jacksonville, Florida. Crossing the panhandle of Florida is a lot like driving through Texas; a lot of road and that is about it.

We got into Jacksonville around 3:30 – 4:00pm, and got checked into our hotel. We decided that we would give the car a good scrubbing inside and out tomorrow before we got home to mom and dad’s. So we unpacked the entire car and put it in our hotel room. This was the biggest clean out and reorganize project we had done with the car; we literally took everything out of the cab. We left the car top carrier on, but everything else was piled in our room to be gone through, reorganized, and repacked tomorrow morning.

After we finished unloading the car, we decided to get some dinner. Tod’s friend had given him an Applebee’s Gift Card for the trip and, fun fact, you can tip on a Gift Card there! (So now you know) Dinner was light. Both Tod and I had been trying to eat fairly decently on the trip, excluding the Waffle House breakfast this morning, and so we just got a few salads and I had a couple of beers. After we were finished eating we decided to find something to do, maybe go catch a movie or go cosmic bowling. Whatever there was to do on a Saturday night in Jacksonville, Florida.

THERE’S NOTHING TO DO IN JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA! We drove around looking for something and there was nothing, maybe we were in the wrong part of town, but it was dead. As we were driving, we saw a sign that said, Smokers Video II, so we decided to check it out. We walked up to the door to get in and found it locked and a voice said, “Please hold your ID’s up to the camera.” We instantly knew that this was not where we wanted to be, but we were both curious to find exactly where we were. Turns out, Jacksonville has a slew of 24 hour Adult Video and Marijuana Enthusiast shops, and we had stumbled into one, talk about awkward. We didn’t want to be rude, so we left with three 6 foot bongs and the entire Vivid Pictures Catalogue. (Just kidding, they were two foot bongs. Hehehe)

One of the things I find amazing about this place was that they had a small section of regular movies near the front and all of them were sun damaged. The covers were faded and cracked from sitting in the same spot for probably years, because people weren’t going there to buy those movies. It’s more part of the décor than an actual thing you could buy. I got the feeling that if I had taken one of these up to the counter the lady would have had no clue what to do. And besides that, the prices for these “used” movies were outrageous - $19.99 for Nurse Betty. That movie is like 10 years old, and I can buy it brand new for $5.50.

Feeling more than a bit dirty and uncomfortable, we decided to find a real movie place to get the taste out of our mouths. We found a Blockbuster and ran into it like it was the shower scene from A Crying Game. After a long cleansing bubble bath in the awesomeness that is Blockbuster’s used DVD section. We made our way back to the hotel to try and get some sleep and forget about Smokers Video II.