Saturday, October 2

We woke up and scoured Alamogordo for some sleds, so that the we could “surf White Sands,” but we couldn’t find any. While we were looking for sleds at a Walgreen’s, I went over to a place called Alamo Donuts to pick up some breakfast for everyone.

I went in and ordered some breakfast sandwiches from the menu, and the donista just shook her head at me. Apparently, you don’t order from the menu at this place, you look in the case of what’s left. Slim pickings, but I got some breakfast sandwiches, and these things called Kolaches; like a pretzel dog, it is a breakfast sausage wrapped in a croissant type pockety thing. Not too bad, all in all.

We got to White Sands and stopped at the visitor center, where we found sleds. They think of everything! We drove into the park and hunted down a good hill to sled down. White Sands is a pretty cool area, it reminds me of the beach. When you first get into it, the dunes have bushes up and down them, but as you travel further in, the bushes disappear and it becomes just beautiful sand.

We got to the very end and started walking around looking for the best dune. As we were walking, we saw a couple climbing up a dune. We stopped and watched them to see if they had found a good one. They had! Tod and I approached and asked if we could share their terrific find.

The dune was great, after you get yourself going the slide down is awesome! The crew came over and filmed us as we were sledding down the dune and they did a couple POV shots, where they would ride down the sled with the camera. I then did a superman where I ran and jumped o the sled stomach first and went down the hill, which was great! I got really good distance into the parking lot, but my glasses and new sunglasses fell off and went under the sled. Glasses were fine but sunglasses didn’t survive. Seems like a ongoing theme of this trip.

We talked to the couple, Maribel and Keith, after we had all sledded ourselves silly, and told them our story. They were really great people who told us that what we were doing was awesome! Maribel said that she wanted to see the Grand Canyon, because she had never seen it before. It’s funny to think that you could live so close to something so wondrous and never go see it.

It turns out that they are soon to be married and Tod and I told them about our adventures in Hawaii, and how they must absolutely go there and see the true beauty of these islands. They drove us back to our car, we had walked quite a ways to find the hill we all sledded down, wished us luck on our journey, and headed off on their own.

Pockets and underwear filled with sand, we drove out of the park, stopping off at the visitor center to trade in our sleds, and to pick me up another pair of sunglasses.

Now, as you know, the crew has had a few surprises for us along the way; fireworks, sensory deprivation chambers, etc., so I thought I would return the favor. My friend in Austin, Jess Graves, an amazing Ukulele player, told me about a beautiful state park in Texas called Balmorhea. She told me to go there and jump in the swimming hole from the high dive. So I decided to take the guys there, but not tell them where we were going.

We made it to Balmorhea just as the sun was setting, and as we entered the park, we saw a sign that said the pool closed at sunset, so we would have to wait until tomorrow to dive in. So we drove over to the camping area and set our tents. Brian and I went off looking for a grocery to pick up necessities for campfire cooking and set back to get our grill on.