Monday, September 20th

Vanessa and K.C. had a delicious local breakfast made for us when we woke this morning: eggs, bacon, artisan bread, and milk. You have got to try raw milk!

We hopped into the cars after showering and finishing up laundry ad heading out for Yellowstone, by way of Driggs, ID. You see, I needed to pick up some Almond Butter for sandwiches. I ran out a few days ago and have been scouring every supermarket we came by to see if they had any. Most of the northeast and Midwest doesn’t.

Vanessa and K.C. told us about the this cool drive-in called The Spud, complete with anthropomorphic potato mascot, so we had to stop by there. It was cool to see a still working drive-in theater. Maybe we’ll screen our movie there when we get it finished.

We made it to the west entrance of Yellowstone and went in to see Old Faithful. As we were heading through the park, we came across another bunch of cars pulled off to the side of the road. There was a family of elk just resting by the water. It was really beautiful to see these creatures just relaxing and ignoring us.

As we neared Old Faithful, we came upon a field of geysers, with steam just venting into the sky. It looked like a wall of steam. It was neat to see this whole field full of steam.

We got to Old Faithful and it was pretty cool. We had just missed an eruption, so we chose not to stay longer and wait for the next one, because it was already getting late..

We were originally going to stay in Lewistown, Montana, with our Uncle Gene, but he got called back from retirement for a few weeks and he would be able to house us, so we decided to trip up towards Glacier National Park and call it a night in a hotel somewhere.

The crew had a bit of another gas scare tonight. When we left Yellowstone, they said that they had a quarter tank and didn’t want to fill up near the park because it was more pricey, and when we got on the highway, it ended up being 70+ miles before the next gas station, but we made it to Ennis, MT to a gas station in time.

We decided to keep on going to Whitehall, MT to crash for the night. You’d think Super 8 Motels are cheap, right? Nope.