Monday, September 13th

We woke this morning to the smells of bacon, coffee, and pancakes wafting through the Maurus household. Deena was playing the gracious housemother and was making sure that we started our day off right.

I hopped upstairs to jump in the shower before we hit the road, and walked back downstairs afterward to pack up all of my gear. As I finished packing I started towards the kitchen, I saw Ryan, our DP, just watching me. I hadn't notched him the entire time I was moving around in the living room. I think it was a bit surreal for him to realize exactly how blind both Tod and I really are.

After our breakfast and goodbyes, we started on the road towards Chicago, where we would be having a fundraiser to help with the trip. All my improv people that I knew there were involved in making this event happen.

The trip wasn't too long, we had a moment with our newly purchased GPS where it told us we were going to get to Chicago an hour earlier before the older directions said. I got really excited about the possibility that we were going to taking a new route until I realized we would be crossing over a time zone and that was why we would be getting in an hour earlier. We laughed and laughed. No we didn't.

We got into Chicago around 7pm and headed over to Chemically Imbalanced Comedy Theater to prep for the show at 8. It was really great to see all my friends there that could make it out for the show, many of whom I hadn't seen in five years or more. It was a great night filled with laughter and love. The outpouring of support from both the groups that volunteered to play and the audience that came was tremendous. Blood Sport, an improv troupe that my friend Ashley had roped in for the show, did a good three man show. There was a scene that involved a post game locker room scene involving people who had extreme high five celebrations. Claymore, an indie team formed from my old college improv troupe, Erasable Inc., put on a fantastically group minded show involving a quartet of ken who met weekly to shave their entire bodies. The Late 90's, a Harold team from iO, did a BAT, which is a Harold format completely in the dark, kind of like those old time radio shows. Pity Date did an Armando, and asked me to be the Monologist for it. Reset List did a completely improvised rock show for us, including assign their equipment on stage. And finally, EJ Scott, my new friend Clayton, and I did shooting the Shit, a monoscene where we attempted to plan a robbery of the very bar we were drinking in.

After the show, we headed over to Tencat for some drinks and hangout time. It was awesome to get to jut hang with old friends that I bad not seen for so long. When we finished up, we headed over to Katie and Ashley's place, which is right near Wrigley Field, to crash for the night before another long drive day.

The night was wonderful and we raised some more much needed funds, and we got in and out in the allotted time. I want to say a very big thank to Chemically Imbalanced Comedy, Danielle Solof, Anne Blackburn, Dan MacAvoy, and all the troupes that made the night unforgettable. I have so much love for you all.