Friday, September 10th

Bit of long drive day. We started off from Murder Motel, and the crew had decided to exchange the really bad rechargeable batteries for some kill the planets versions, simply because the rechargeable would not hold a charge for more than a couple hours.

While the crew was trying to explain how they came into these batteries and why they should get a refund. I hopped into the Subway next door to try and get some WiFi and upload some pictures to the Driving Bind page. For some reason, we have not been able to upload to the Driving Blind page from our iPhones. In a rush, uploaded everything from my iPhone, leaving many duplicates on the DB Facebook page.

We hit the road, finally, and headed off for Rochester. Adam, our sound man extraordinaire, contacted an old family friend, and told him that we wee going to be in Rochester, and they told us that we had to stay with them for the night. We got into Ogden, right outside of Rochester, around 7:30, and were greeted by Mario. Who ended up being such a great guy. A renaissance man, Mario, Marie and Mike, the Petrillo's, welcome us with open arms. We walked into a kitchen filled with smells of an amazing dinner awaiting us. They had pulled out all the stops for us; brie, pickled eggplant, roasted garlic, corn on the cob.

After 4 days on the road, this meal was a blessing. Fresh veggies, new foods to try and family to fellowship with, what more could we ask for.

The crew set up the cameras to film the dinner and we talked with Mario, Mike and Marie about the trip and our eyes and life and what we are trying to do with our lives. It was a great night fill with great food and friends.

They then sent us to our separate rooms to sleep and dream our happy dreams of full tummies and warm beds.