Friday, October 1

While the crew was packing up their stuff, I went to see the front desk people at the hotel, and found out that The Corner, from the Eagle’s song was right down the block from where we were. Tod and I hopped in the car and drove down to see it. Alexandra, our front desk lady told us that we can’t miss it.

And she was right! In the middle of this somewhat sleepy town, there is a corner that now is a shrine to the Eagles. There is a statue and a mural depicting the line, “Standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona …” It was super geeky cool.

We met back up with the crew and got gas and hopped back on the highway heading towards White Sands, NM. We had decided last night that we were going to go through the Petrified Forest on our way there.

About an hour east of Winslow is the entrance to the Petrified Forest. We pulled onto the side road that takes you right through the park. It is a beautiful stretch of road, which is also historic Route 66. Seeing these chunks of tree that have slowly become rock of million of years, and the painted desert, which looked like one of those sand art projects you do at camp, was tremendous. All those colors, one on top of the other, showing the history of the area through the colors.

We stopped by and old ford that marks a specific part of the park and Route 66, and shot some footage of me and Tod in it. Then we followed the road back out of the park and got back on the highway.

It was a long drive to get to White Sands, but we pressed on as best we could. We ended up stooping at a rest stop called The Fort to capture the sunset. While we were there, we met a fellow traveler named Rex, who told us a story about his brother, who was blinded in a motorcycle accident in 2002. Even though blinded, today, he still fixes cars and does carpentry, etc. He doesn’t allow the things he can’t control to stop him from doing the things he wants to do.

Tod went to the trailer that Rex was hauling, which contained the very bike that his brother had crashed and lost his vision on. Rex has been slowly fixing the bike up for his brother since after the accident.

We said our goodbyes and continued on to Alamogordo, NM, which is right next to White Sands. We got there and got a hotel for the night, deciding to get to White Sands early tomorrow. We got our room and as we tried to enter, we found the latch locked, so we couldn’t get in. We were a little confused by this until a woman popped her head from around the corner telling us she had already rented this room for the night.

So we went back to the front desk, expecting this woman to be a squatter or something, and then by the time we got back she would have taken off. But she had paid for the room another night with the morning person and the night person just didn’t know about it. Communication is key, I am learning that valuable lesson on this road trip.